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Trackme is another product of Webcast Technologies, Inc. that makes your fleet management task easier and your fleet's fuel efficiency better! ASK US HOW!

Webcast Technologies Inc. is a Philippine based company that offers a technology-based products. It aims to provide company solutions in a modern and high-tech way.

Tracking is the main service that WTI offers. With the use of the following system such as: Global Positioning System(GPS), Geographical Information System (GIS), the internet, and various telecommunications networks, it enables us to provide useful information to keep your assets manageable within and beyond your sight!

Tracking demand has its different nature, that is why WTI provides a customizable systems depending on the requirement of the client.

TrackMe VTMS  which is targeted towards entities/companies that has vehicle movement as essential part of their operations.

TrackMe VPS  targets individual vehicle owners

SecureMe which is targeted to entities/companies that require security measures

FindMe Wireless is a service that caters to telecommunications providers and their subscriber

  The TrackMe® System

TrackMe is a location based services. It is an automatic vehicle tracking system that allows you to monitor your asset in real time or in a post-mission scenario.

Real-time tracking
  • Provides current status of vehicle/asset as they are moving.
  • Access the current location of the vehicle anytime, anywhere.
  • Monitor emergency encounters of your driver.
  • Access tracking information on a PC or any mobile phone.
Post-mission scenario
  • Provides report for the whole day activity of the vehicle
  • Generate reports that can help fleet managers create an accurate routes and schedules for the drivers. (Ex. Idle time and utilization reports)
Base Station software
  • Is customizable, it allows the base station to promptly determine the exact location, speed and general direction of the vehicle.
  • Maybe customized depending on the requirements of the client.
Map-based tracking
  • Maps are produce and update in-house
  • Ensures a timely upgraded map since it was monitored directly by our company
  • Maps maybe customized to show service areas and drop-off points.
  • Zoom in/out map for a much clearer view.
Other features of TrackMe:
  • Configurable GPS units
  • Engine shut off
  • Sensor-triggered alerts (door open, valve sensors, etc.)
  • Listen-in/communication
Benefits of TrackMe
  • Manage your assets, as they move around the city
  • Increase work efficiency by studying the behavior of your drivers.
  • Incase of emergency, vehicle with TrackMe unit can be located and assisted right away, at the same time monitoring your drivers safety.
  • Saves the companies money, time and effort.
  • Creates a competitive image of the company.
  TrackMe VPS

Experience the convenience, safety and security of having complete control of your car! TrackMe Vehicle Protection System is the only security system that combines the power of global positioning system and global system for mobile communication to aid you in locating and monitoring your vehicle.

Our developers have taken every possible precaution to ensure that the power of control rests solely on your hands. Even with your cell phone stolen or lost, the power of control stays with you as the VPS has several layers of failsafe precautions that only you have the privilege of changing and adjusting.

We at Webcast Technologies Inc., the developer of the TrackMeVPS are proud to offer you the most advanced security system for your car. Go ahead and experience the peace of mind that used to be the stuff of science fiction.

Features of the system

The TrackMe VPS was specifically designed to ensure your vehicle's safety, as well as the safety of its occupants. As long as there is a GSM signal in your area, you can receive alarm status messages from your vehicle and send commands to your vehicle. Listed below are the features of the system:

  • Alarm notification via text message - as soon as the alarm trips for whatever reason, TrackMe VPS will immediately inform you via text in real-time due to the following events: The alarm siren was triggered by the motion sensor. Alarms of this nature can be misleading as motion sensors can be set off by lighting streaks, unintentional bumps from passers by or tremors caused by passing vehicles.
  • While the alarm was going-off and the door was forcibly opened. This will serve as a confirmation that someone is trying to enter your car.
  • Doors lock/unlock control via text message - this feature allows you to lock and unlock your car doors by simply sending a text message to the Rover. Upon the Rover's receipt of this command, your car's door locks will lock or unlock automatically.
  • Remote engine shut-off - the most sought-after feature of the TrackMe VPS, this command allows you to immobilize your car from anywhere in the country that has GSM coverage using your cell phone. Just send a command to the Rover via text message and the engine will turn itself off after the driver steps on the foot brake or applies the hand brake. You can also deactivate this feature by sending another command through your cell phone.
  • Request location - you can monitor the location of your vehicle by sending a text message to the Rover. Discovering that your car has been stolen you can right away see its location. The car thief will not be informed of this, giving you time to contact the authorities and recover your vehicle the soonest time possible.

Is there a dead spot area wherein I cannot track the location of my vehicle?

The TrackMe system relies on the GSM network for real-time tracking. If your vehicle enters a GSM dead spot, the rover will not transmit information but will still save the location updates internally. This saved data can later be downloaded once GSM.

How much will it cost me every time I need to generate a report from my cellphone and or from my PC?

Standard infotext rates applied when requesting for vehicle location via mobile phone.

Is there a warranty for the TrackMe unit? How many years?

The TrackMe unit has a 1(one) year warranty on factory defects.

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