Advisory: Now your account feels MORE SECURED

Data security is a vital area of concern for every company for every business. This will affects every aspect of each company's operation. trackMe Fleet has released an update that will strengthens its security features.

Here are the FAQs that will help you update into a risk-free TM Fleet App user:

1. What's In It For Me?

Your security is our outmost priority which is why we updated our security feature. We want to guarantee a secured system to all our users. This is to defend your accounts against brute force attacks.

2. What will happen to my account after multiple log in attempts?

Our updated security features will limit user up to three (3) failed log in attempts only. Your account will be locked out.

3. How to unlock my account?

Your account will remain locked until a system administrator explicitly unlocks it.

4. How can I update the security features?

No need to update your account. This security feature will be updated on September 3, 2018.

5. I'm the administrator, how do I unblock accounts?

Follow this 5 easy steps to unblock user account.

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