Elevate the way you use trackMe Fleet

Elevate the way you use trackMe Fleet

You can now download Idling report to your NGT portal and maximize your fleet operations. Idling usually increase engine overall engine wear by causing the car to operate for longer than necessary. Having this report, you will be able to save up your fuel cost and optimize manpower.

What you can gain?

-Keep money in your wallet and save fuel

-Ready to download report

-Longer vehicle engine and battery performance


How does Idling Report help me monitor my fleet?

The idling reports provides how long and on which places do your vehicle idle. This helps you gauge your engine utilization, fuel consumption and over-all vehicle monitoring.

What information are included in the report?

The report contains a summary tab which aggregates the idling duration per vehicle and detailed tab which presents it per instance. This gives you the ability to monitor on a fleet level while keeping the details within reach.

How can I download the idling report?

Click here for instructions.

Who can download the report?

All trackMe Fleet default users have access to generate and download the report.

When will this be available?

The new feature will be available starting April 10, 2019.

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