Digital Transformation is on the move for Logistics.

Few key disruptions are challenging the Logistic Industry. Facing new competitors and, the continuous change in the supply chain trend, it seems like you either innovate or you will fail. Adding to these challenges is the fact that logistics is behind when it comes to digital transformation compared other industries, like media, telco, banking, and retail.

Source:BCG Anaylsis and Pitchbook Data

By the year 2025, there will be $ 1.5 trillion worth in value for logistics operators and an additional $ 2.4 trillion in benefits for the company following the digital transformation of the industry. (Source: World Economic Forum) With this Data, the logistic stakeholders should start prioritizing digital transformation initiatives.

Offering a more streamlined end-to-end service is now the key to Logistic. Simply put, Digital Transformation improves customer experience, business efficiency, and operational performance. With enterprises, now competing with different disruptions in the Logistic Industry, Digital Services Providers are offering solutions that can ease the problem.

This is where the Next Generation trackMe comes in to play. Next Generation trackMe has different solutions like trackMe Fleet, trackMe Logistics and the newest solution, trackMe Suite to help and elevate your Logistics needs.

Next Generation trackMe is an end-to-end logistics solution built on a single integrated platform designed to assist you in your entire fleet operations, from comprehensive vehicle scheduling to monitoring driver performance.

At the end of the day you can gain:

  1. Safety and Security- Keep your assets secured and your process in compliance. Lower the risk of vehicle-related accidents

  2. Competitive Advantage- Stay on top of technology solutions, ahead of your competition.

  3. Mobility and Flexibility-Tracking and Monitoring your Fleet made it easier with a mobile-friendly solution.

  4. Efficiency-Eliminate bulks of paper works and tedious tasks through digitization.

  5. Forecasting and Reporting- Data-driven solutions bringing you relevant sets of data.

Digital Transformation is truly on its way to change the logistics industry. These opportunities are massive for the industry players who will take advantage of this shift. Don't let your business get left behind.

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