Taking the First Step to Digitized Supply Chain

If you think innovative trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Fleet Management Solution aren't impacting your Supply Chain, think again. Thanks to technological advancements, it comes to no surprise that the supply chain has joined the digital movement. But with the Supply Chain Digitization constantly evolving, it is difficult to embrace all digitized opportunities. The question is where to start? What is the best way to utilize these technologies that provide valuable supply chain insights?

Looking at the Supply Chain Industry, one of the important things to establish is end-to-end visibility and, the demand for real-time visibility is at the peak right now. It is not enough to simply know when the fleet left their warehouses and, hope that the vehicle gets to the right place at the right time and in the right condition. Leveraging this visibility data can help ease external pressures while also providing high levels of fleet monitoring, improved efficiency and minimized risk.

trackMe Fleet is the NEXT level visibility. With its cloud-based fleet management system, it allows the user to monitor their asset real-time on computer, tablet, or even mobile phone.

Here are a few data sets of trackMe Fleet visibility:

  1. Historical- A location data that shows the fleet movement journey.

  2. Real-Time - Receive on-the-dot alerts of vehicle activity.

  3. Predictive- Provide predictive traffic patterns and highly accurate vehicle estimated time of arrival.

trackMe Fleet provides a great amount of location data through its powerful mapping - Google Maps, making it easy to determine if the fleet operation is running as planned. Unlike other fleet management solution providers, trackMe Fleet provides a smooth and issue free of built in Googe Maps.

A truly digitized trackMe Fleet is the next step for supply chain companies as they envision they're mid to long term plan. Take the first step today!

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