Is your LOGISTICS ready for the HOLIDAYS?

We are getting closer inch-by-inch to the holiday season. Logistics operations are in high gear to do their best to deliver all the goods to their customers in time for the upcoming yuletide season.

But, what does it takes to help an organization optimize its high influx of holiday sales traffic? Well, even Santa would wish to have his "digital twin" to maximize output while maximizing profits through Digital Transformation.

First, let's see some of the disruptive variables impacting Logistics:

Heavy road traffic congestion

Without any doubt, the country's unsolvable traffic is one of the disruptive forces impacting the industry. Yes, it can be an indicator of the booming economy however it also affects the day-to-day logistics operations resulting delay and increase of delivery set-backs.

Unforeseen fleet's empty trips

About 79.4% of trailer trucks and 62.4% of three-axle trucks entering Metro Manila are running empty. These empty trips not only cause high freight transport costs but also consumes a large amount of fuel for nothing.

Changing Consumer Habits and new shifts of channel demands

The emerging technologies such as data analytics, automation, and cloud technology are changing the way logistics operate, hoping to address the growing pressure to deliver a better service.

Now, below are the things that can help your business fine-tune your strategies:

Ensure to have your "Christmas Drive" Strategic plan

A dedicated holiday supply chain strategy put in place at least six (6) months before the holidays is a must. It's always a good idea to begin planning immediately following the previous year's season and engage manufacturers and supply chain partners as soon as possible.

Give customers visibility to their orders

Making the most out of technology. End-to-end logistics solutions help provide visibility of the goods from the place it was requested up to the end-user. Complete visibility can give businesses more details on bottlenecks or specific incidents if there is an issue such as product damage or late delivery.

Integrate internal systems like ERP with Logistics Management Solution

The emergence of an LMS (Logistics Management Solution) cuts down paper works and admin hours. Since the integration is two-way, shipment data is populated back into the ERP system for record-keeping and to provide every stakeholder with complete visibility.

Find a scalable and modular Logistics Management Solution

A cloud-based platform means faster implementation before the busy season and will have lower support cost. A reliable Logistics Management Solution keeps your operation seamless and fosters continuous improvements ahead of the holidays.

Next Action:

Find out how the Next Generation trackMe, can help your "Christmas Drive" while maximizing the high-demand during this Yuletide season.

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