Building "Win-Win"Logistics Business Relationship

VISION: Supply Chain Trends in 2020 - Revolution of Elastic Logistics will continue to expand and become flexible when it comes to providing better customer service, real-time visibility and meet connected business processes between supply chain stakeholders.

A good Supplier-3PL-Relationship is one of the main goals of building a connected business process. Creating a true partnership and win/win scenario is the end goal; what do both parties anticipate and desire?

Measuring Performance

  • Supplier - It is vital to monitor every 3PLs performance such as order turnaround and percent of orders shipped the same day and returns processing against the standard to maintain efficient supply chain operations.

  • 3PL - Having a reliable performance data helps third-party logistics to have a standpoint for every unsought situation that may occur.

"Utilizing a 3PL company provides businesses with a dependable logistics advantage"

- United Facilities

Provide Planning & Forecasting

  • Supplier - The majority of 3PLs require ongoing forecasts (receipts, orders, shipments, etc.) to ensure it has the right number of people available to service your account. Also, a planned fleet delivery allocation maximizes your dispatch operation while making sure that you give 3PLs the same share number of trips.

  • 3PL -Since 3PLs are the ones who see first at hand the movement of the goods: demand forecasting is a strategic way in analyzing past trends to design an effective lean inventory model for the future which is beneficial for the suppliers.

Use of Single

Fleet Management Platform

  • Supplier & 3PL - In some cases, 3PL and Supplier use different fleet management platforms causing update delays and mismanagement. It is important to look for an advanced single fleet management platform that can handle both party's operation requirements while giving a win- win" business opportunities for both parties.

"The logistics companies are expected to invest onadvanced technologies solutions such as autonomous logistics, real-time tracking, automation and robotics in order to provide an improved customer service."

- Ken Research

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