Customer Satisfaction Begin and Ends with Supply Chain

In today's fast-paced business world, customer satisfaction is the new mainstream. The goal of supply chain management is to provide a seamless process to its customers by coordinating all of the processes starting from manufacturing to delivery, that would create good customer feedback. Late deliveries and broken promises would lead to the loss of customers. Therefore, one of the most important factors in supply chain management is it is completely customer-driven.

“Any supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And if it doesn’t deliver the product to consumers quickly enough, they are not happy, and the company’s supply chain has failed.” -Inbound Logistics Magazine

According to a study in Logistics Management Customer Service by Ogzue Kabak Ph.D., The most common customer service complaint is late delivery topping the list with 44%, and next is quality product mistake with 31%. Upon further review, these are the most common customer service elements: On-Time Delivery, Order fill rate, Product Condition, Accurate Documentation, and Delivery Visibility.

Supply-Chain is one of the most effective customer service tools. It directly dictates the two most vital parts of customer satisfaction: price and delivery. With customer service, the top priority and consumers cautiously increase their spending, businesses should level up their operations with a system that can optimize delivery and provide real-time visibility to their customers. trackMe Suite-Store App can be the answer to these issues.

Store App is an advanced mobile application designed for end-user/stores to see the full visibility-e.g. Location, ETA, and Load inventory of each requested delivery. With the Store App and Trucker App, haulers and stores can get simultaneous visibility of the delivery and get two-way push notifications when the delivery is complete.

Here are a few benefits of using Store App that will help drive sales by keeping your customer's top of mind: 1. Improve on-time delivery 2. Enhance delivery visibility 3. Increase speed-to-delivery within on-demand fulfillment 4.Satisfy customer demand with an E-POD


Companies that improve the reach of their supply chain can certainly deliver superior performance and capture growth. The best way to make sure your supply chain management is as strong as possible is by using trackMe Suite - Trucker and Store App.

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