COVID 19: Let's make supply chain resilient amid of pandemic.

Staff skeletal arrangements, restrictions in delivery routes, changes in consumer buying patterns - will this be the NEW NORMAL?

When critical supply chain disruptions hit, visibility becomes crucial to understand its fragmented impact on the rest of the chain so that others in the ecosystem can plan and take action, such as developing routes to alternative suppliers. In the wake of supply chain disruption during coronavirus, several global experts have reiterated the need to obtain more transport visibility across the chain. The visibility that provides beyond visibility-which inclines itself towards innovation.

Here's how we can empower your operation across the entire value chain:

1. Move your papers into digital

The paperless environment became a buzzword in the industry for a year now and during this pandemic, it forces companies to move into digital. The restriction to physical presence became one of the preventive measures during this outbreak.

2. Build a smart operation model and scenario analysis

Using predictive analytics and visualization tools, it’s possible to model and then build flexibility and optionality into structural supply chains. A solution that can provide your relevant reports can also serve as resources in conducting scenario analysis.

3. Find a perfect balance between your current state efforts and a long-term strategy Most supply chain & logistics companies might be able to take their actions during this challenging time. On the other hand, companies must have a substantial discussion on how to prevent the next unpredictable event from having the same impact.

The current COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted all sectors with various degrees of impact. After this situation, companies will likely accelerate digital transformation initiatives for businesses across the globe. Technology-led business models will emerge as more critical and important than ever and will play a key role in defining strategy as we reimagine the global supply chains of tomorrow.

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