Contactless Logistics through Digital Transformation

In today’s environment, minimizing personal contact between customers and delivery drivers is critical in maintaining safe delivery operations. As concerns about Covid-19 continue to grow, people don't want to touch pens and papers from delivery drivers to confirm a pick-up or delivery. As safety is the most important for consumers nowadays, it is important to adapt your operations for a contactless logistics. Nothing indeed forces changes like a crisis. Logistics companies that have been slow to complete their digital transformation are now looking into it because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Clean and zero contact is now the priority during the General Community Quarantine to ensure the safety of both the delivery personnel and the customers.

Reduce Covid-19 risk through Contactless - Digital Solution

Create a contactless logistic operation with trackMe Suite.

trackMe Suite is a modular solution supporting the entire supply chain and logistics in real-time from planning, trip execution, load maximization up to arrival (Last-Mile).

Contactless Delivery

trackMe Suite-Store App can help in organizing last-mile delivery of goods that would minimize the need for human contact which is essential to keeping employees and customers safe. Store App is an advanced mobile application designed for end-user/stores to see the full visibility-e.g. Location, ETA, Load inventory of each requested delivery, and Electronic Proof of delivery or e-POD for contactless deliveries

Contactless Task Assignment

Aside from protecting customers with contactless delivery, logistic operations can also minimize human contact of their employees. Task assignment and delivery schedule can be done without the contact of the dispatcher and driver with trackMe Suite-Trucker App. Trucker App is a dedicated mobile app for haulers and dispatchers wherein they can accept, assign, dispatch, and monitor trips from their clients and customers in their smartphones. No need to go through paper delivery notes and schedule anymore.


COVID-19 is disrupting virtually all logistic operations. The days of paper-based delivery processes should be minimize to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. As contactless is being the new normal. A logistics solution can be the answer for companies to adapt to these changes.

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