Navigating the New Normal in the Logistics Industry

Covid-19 has taken the logistics industry and the entire world like a storm. No one expected the challenges that everyone is facing. People and Businesses cannot continue doing the things in a way that is considered normal a few months ago before the worldwide hit of pandemic COVID-19. Now, everyone is starting to adapt to the changes the pandemic has brought with the new normal. According to the Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP), the new normal will bring challenges to the logistics industry. In one of their presentation, SCMAP President Cristine Pardinas said: "All the logistics challenges we are experiencing pre-COVID are still here, even if it's the new normal already."

Challenges in the Logistics "New Normal"

  1. Workforce Shortage

  2. Health and Safety

  3. Delayed Deliveries

  4. Unexpected Traffic Halt​

Three key actions to address the new normal impact on logistics

Advanced Technology:

There is a wide opportunity for the logistics industry to survive with technology. Technologies like Logistics Solutions, Fleet Management System, IoT, big data, etc, are helping the logistics industry to keep their production running. The use of an integrated logistics solution can provide real-time visibility into your whole logistics operations. An end-to-end logistics solution can seamlessly create, dispatch, and monitor shipment to avoid delayed deliveries.

Hygienic Operations: A hygienic lifestyle is the only way to tackle the crisis.

Contactless deliveries should be a priority to ensure the safety of your drivers and customers. It is also necessary for your workers, drivers and their helpers to follow guidelines given by the government like wearing masks, washing hands with sanitizers and soaps, etc.

Support the Workforce: Both the core and extended logistics workforce is enduring an unfamiliar and often highly stressful work environment. Companies should look to address their mental and physical safety. Remote work can be an option for logistics and dispatch personnel with the help of a cloud-based platform the can create a delivery schedule anywhere at any time.


In the end, it is quite common to say that these new normal will be going to stay for some time even if the crisis ends. To overcome this new normal challenges, the logistics industry should be considering how to renew their logistics operating models to increase resilience, responsibility, effectiveness, and efficiency.

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