Next Generation trackMe Series: The Emergence of Re-designing Logistics Distribution and Model

The Covid-19 has caused massive disruption in the global shipping of goods. Businesses cannot continue doing things in a way that is considered normal a few months ago before the worldwide hit of the pandemic. According to the Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP), the new normal has brought changes to the logistics industry. In one of their presentation, SCMAP President Cristine Pardinas said: "All the logistics changes we are experiencing pre-COVID are still here, even if it's the new normal already."

During these unprecedented times, it has brought unprecedented growth in the logistics industry. The pandemic has brought changes in business and consumer behavior. The e-commerce industry is booming with many people who prefer staying at home. The increase in online retailing also means an increase in the delivery of goods. Amazon, one of the top e-commerce industries, said that they have to hire additional 100,000 new workers to beef up its shipping and fulfill its delivery operations, but orders are still delayed.

During the early stages of the pandemic, the business-to-business logistics market came almost to a standstill. Changes were profound as the logistics industry was disrupted and, new regulations rapidly introduced


Before, the logistic distribution process includes fleet manager or logistics personnel creating and printing delivery schedules, assigning a task to drivers, and coordinating with them thru calling if they arrived in their destination. But with social distancing enforced by the government, workforce shortage and employee health and safety become an issue in their business operations.


In the wake of the pandemic, many processes had to go digital quickly. In times of social distancing, for example, it is clear how outdated manual or even paper-based information transfer is and can affect the safety of the employees. Digitization provides the basis to ensure that the logistics processes are reliably working even under extreme conditions. trackMe Suite is a modular solution supporting the entire supply chain, and logistics in real-time from planning, trip execution, load maximization up to arrival (Last-Mile). With trackMe Suite Web Portal, fleet managers can easily create a trip and, task monitoring and trackMe Suite trucker App can accept, assign, dispatch and monitor trips from their clients and customers while having real-time visibility. The use of trackMe Suite Solutions lessens administrative tasks and issue orders across multiple departments to minimize paper touch-points in a sector and allows remote or work from home set up.


While the move towards incorporating digital systems had begun before the health crisis, it has undoubtedly accelerated by the impact of the pandemic. By adapting to digital transformation, the supply chain and logistics will be able to react agile and become more flexible to new situations and trends in the future.

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