Next Generation trackMe Series: Managing Impact on Consumer Goods

The COVID-19 has drastically changed the world as we know it. The pandemic has impacted every aspect of life, including how people shop. As stay-at-home orders and community quarantine/lockdown have reduced people's mobility, this has also changed the customer's buying behavior, trend, and habits, and this leads to a sudden boom in e-commerce.

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Rakuten Insights conducted a survey in the Philippines and, 63 percent of the respondents stated they increased their online purchases because of a closure of all non-essential businesses as of May 2020. While many respondents also answered that they wanted to minimize their time outside of the house and practiced social distancing. All of these have an impact on consumer behavior and, more people are now tapping into e-commerce to meet their daily needs. It is interesting to see how the retail and food industry drastically transform its businesses to online store and delivery. But E-Commerce and online delivery have also come with a risk to consumers. In our environment, today and the Philippines reaching the highest number of Covid-19 positive of almost 7,000 in a day, minimizing personal contact between customers and delivery drivers is also critical in maintaining safe delivery operations. As concerns about Covid-19 continue to grow, people don't want to touch pens and papers from delivery drivers to confirm a pick-up or delivery. As safety is the most important for consumers nowadays, it is important to adapt your operations for contactless logistics.

Reduce Covid-19 risk through Contactless - Digital Solution

A hygienic lifestyle is the only way to tackle the crisis. Aside from the necessary guidelines given by the government like wearing masks, washing hands with sanitizers and soaps, Contactless deliveries should be a priority to ensure the safety of your drivers and customers. The core objective of the contactless delivery is to transport essential services in a safe and protected manner.

Create a Contactless Delivery with trackMe Suite - Store App

trackMe Suite-Store App can help in organizing last-mile delivery of goods that would minimize the need for human contact, which is essential to keeping employees and customers safe. Store App is an advanced mobile application designed for end-user/stores to see the full visibility-e.g. Location, ETA, Load inventory of each requested delivery, and Electronic Proof of delivery or e-POD for contactless deliveries. Companies that require a signature as proof of delivery process should be eliminated and start implementing an e-Pod. These also ensure timely and transparent communication with customers. Ultimately, e-Pod helps in maintaining safety and hygiene by limiting the contact of both the customer and the driver.


With Covid-19 disrupting all logistic operations. The days of paper-based delivery processes should be eliminated to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. The demand for contactless delivery is clear, and technology like trackMe Suite is readily accessible to help businesses implement the no contact deliveries process.

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