Next Generation trackMe Series: Shaping Modern Supply Chain with Automation

We learned a lot during the COVID-19, but one of the important lessons is the firsthand experience that the supply chain industry was affected by the pandemic in a short period. And companies have to be agile and adept enough to react quickly. Businesses are working rapidly to adapt to the new normal and overcome these challenges from the pandemic, but having difficulties without the tools needed to adjust to disruptions in real-time. In a survey conducted by Honeywell and KRC Research, 51% percent of employees at companies that directly manage warehouses, distribution centers, or fulfillment centers say the coronavirus pandemic has made their company more willing to invest in automation.

"We didn’t foresee a global pandemic, but we saw a need for companies to have deep visibility into their supply chains with the ability to optimize results in real-time." -XPO CIO Mario Harik

The pandemic has proven the crucial need for automation due to increased demand, concerns about the health and safety of workers, and traceability and safety of products and services. Automating part or all of the supply chain has many potential benefits for companies, including reducing manual effort while increasing productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

The Power of Supply Chain Automation

1.Digitized Supply Chain Businesses that are ready to embrace automation ensures that core delivery processes like job allocation, scheduling, real-time tracking do not need any manual intervention. Automating time-consuming tasks and processes is a proven way to reduce costs, ensure the safety of employees, and deliver employee-based savings.

2. Predictive Intelligence

Automation is much more than just reducing the human workload. It’s also about making supply chain processes proactive. A supply chain solution can automatically predict delays, risks, generate accurate ETAs, and do much more by leveraging data. By making these supply chain companies can streamline processes and enhance the customer experience during a difficult time.

Transform your Supply Chain Operations results with trackMe SUITE

trackMe Suite is a state of the art technology which consists of three (3) primary modules that have different functions and capabilities to optimize the movement of goods on a higher level. trackMe Suite can support the entire supply chain, and logistics in real-time from planning, trip execution, load maximization up to the arrival (Last-Mile).

trackMe Suite can be beneficial to supply chain operations since it represents a huge opportunity to gain new efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase the company’s overall competitive advantage. The use of trackMe Suite can provide real-time visibility into your whole supply chain operations. It can seamlessly create, dispatch, and monitor shipment to avoid delayed deliveries.

Automate your supply chain operations today and start leveraging digitized solutions. Email us at to learn more.

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