COVID-19 Vaccine Revolutionizing The Cold Chain Logistics (PART 1)

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, a few pharmaceutical companies have announced a vaccine to stop this pandemic. According to the Vaccine Czar Carlito Galvez, the Philippines will receive its first batch of around 1 million COVID-19 vaccine shots next month. But one of the few challenges will be administering and roll out the vaccine that falls under the logistics plans.

In the race to fight the pandemic, the attention so far focuses on the scientific advancements and effectiveness of the vaccine but less attention to the logistical hurdles. Many experts agree that one of the few challenges that will occur will be the cold chain logistics.

Multiple steps are needed to deliver the vaccine to the local government and hospitals. Vaccines like Pfizer must be stored at –70 degrees C and, once transferred to a refrigerator, it must be administered within five days. Delivering the vaccine to patients requires cold chain for the vaccine to remain intact and, if not, the vaccine will break down and become unusable. Thus, holds a challenge for the logistics industry in distributing the vaccine. A good immunization program highly depends on an effective end-to-end supply chain and logistics systems. The role of the logistics is to ensure the storage, handling, and stock management of the vaccine, and most importantly the rigorous temperature control.

With this, it is imperative for the logistics industry to quickly adapt to a more digital paradigm to support the distribution of the vaccine. Digitization provides the basis to ensure that the logistics processes are reliably working even under extreme conditions. Having an end-to-end solution can help streamline the distribution with its real-time visibility and improve the delivery process. Logistics Solutions can also help pharmacy operators to automate temperature monitoring and record-keeping of vaccines. These are necessary steps toward achieving a more holistic, enterprise-wide perspective.

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