Next Generation trackMe Series: How Predictive Analytics is Transforming the Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics are always on the move, and staying ahead in this landscape is quite challenging. In this industry, data and transparency can make or break a company's success. With this in mind, predictive analytics is no longer an option but a crucial requirement for businesses. The use of predictive analytics helps to analyze the various amounts of datasets and better plan transport and logistics routes to avoid delays and overloads.

"The use of #predictiveanalytics makes it easier for businesses to analyze vast amounts of data sets and better plan transport and logistics routes to avoid delays and overloads."

The modern logistics market is more demanding than ever before: Here are common challenges in the T&L Industry

  1. High Transportation Cost

  2. Late or Delayed Deliveries

  3. Lack of Delivery Visibility

  4. Internal Communication Neglect

  5.  Incomprehensive Route Planning

  6. Poor Customer Service

Harnessing the Power of Predictive Analytics in Transportation and Logistics

The logistics industry has identified predictive analytics as having a vast impact on the transportation of goods in today's world. With the use of predictive analytics, businesses can easily adjust to shipment patterns, predict estimated time of arrival for better customer service, provide on-time deliveries through the most efficient routes possible, and reduce the risks of cargo inventory errors and miscalculations. This is where trackMe Suite comes into play — using this logistics platform, 3PL companies can leverage the predictive analytics features to find solutions to transport problems, like last-mile delivery challenges.

trackMe Suite is a modular solution supporting the entire supply chain logistics and transportation in real-time from planning, trip execution, route deviation, load maximization up to arrival (Last-Mile).

trackMe Suite has Advanced predictive features:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring with Predictive Analytics (ETA)

  2. Load Maximization

  3. Short to Long Haul Delivery Management Solution

  4. On-Field Workforce Management

  5. Transport Network Congestion

Overall, these predictive features of trackMe Suite can be utilized to plan routes, reduce traffic and bottlenecks, and get individuals from one place to the other, and better delivery planning. It also has analytic alerts to inform the driver and planner about routes that are congested and overloaded; thereby, devising new re-routing strategies.

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