Next Generation trackMe Series: Rising Significance Of Cybersecurity In Logistics

Information and data are an important factor that powers the supply chain industry. Supply chain and logistics handle a vast amount of data from the tracking of materials to delivery, consumer information, and even costs related to transactions and a lot more. Data is a highly valuable asset to a company, and if it is not protected, business operations are left extremely vulnerable. Whether it's a small or a big company, data security is very crucial and must not be overlooked to avoid any security breaches.

Know what makes you vulnerable

Every industry is vulnerable to data security risks, including logistics. According to a recent survey from PwC, 38% of logistics companies have high unresolved questions surrounding data privacy and security. With a supply chain and logistics companies rapidly integrating with cloud solutions, this comes with a significant risk with regards to cybersecurity. Many businesses are currently unaware of how to manage the risk that comes hand-in-hand with digitization.

"As digitalization will continue to reshape the T&L industry, it is important to have wise investments in security tools and technologies."

-Arati Prabhughate, Infosys

While the pandemic has triggered the need for digital transformation in various industries, including the supply chain and logistics, it also makes sensitive information susceptible to cybercrime. Outdated systems are relatively easy to penetrate, which makes vital and sensitive data are left vulnerable. The adoption of blockchain and digital secured solutions could help create transparency and safety in the supply chain data. With this, it is crucial to find a logistics software partner you can trust in protecting your data.

trackMe Suite is a modular solution supporting the entire supply chain logistics and transportation in real-time from planning, trip execution, route deviation, load maximization up to arrival (Last-Mile). trackMe Suite actively works to protect and monitor the data in the system.

Password Protection

Password is the first line of defense against unauthorized access to the system and business data. The system has enforced password history and will remember up to eight (8) previous passwords. Password history has been proven to be an extra defense in protecting your data.

Access Restriction

trackMe Suite user admin can give and restrict data access to different personnel. The user admin can review the system access lists for appropriateness, including revoking the credentials of those no longer needing access, which is a security measure to control risk.

There will never be a time at which data security will not be at risk, but by investing in the right logistics solution, every company can provide the foundation for a safer, more successful operation. Email us at to learn more.

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