"Rising Normal" SMEs Realizing DX

It became rapidly apparent that the pandemic was a game-changer that threatened to remake the business landscape in the Philippines. According to an economist, big businesses may have control over the stock market, but SMEs are what will keep the economy moving during these unprecedented times. SMEs account for more than 90% of registered businesses in the Philippines and provide 60% of jobs, including for vulnerable groups such as women, youth, and rural people.

In a survey from the Department of the Interior and Local Government, 23% of SMEs have closed their operations temporarily. And 28% of enterprises reported that they have been operating for fewer hours during the lockdown. Also, studies have shown that when a crisis hits, some companies are more exposed to the shock than others and so are more affected. A few SMEs have changed their operating model and now adopting a more digitized process in their operations. Another survey from DILG shows that 11% of enterprises have started using a digitized solution for a more automated process in communicating with their suppliers, while 8% have started using social media to communicate with their customers. The openness to innovation made it easier for other businesses to adopt positive coping strategies and become more resilient in the next crisis.

With the ongoing battle in Covid-19 and the continuous strict lockdown, logistics companies now play a big role in delivering the goods of SMEs. For SMEs, who are already dealing with profit margins, efficient and automated logistics planning is crucial to keep costs down. It is critical to have a logistics partner that also adapts digitized solutions in their operations.

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