Your vehicles now in your pocket- the new trackMe Fleet App for Android is now available!

trackMe Fleet Mobile App

We are pleased to announce that the new trackMe Fleet mobile app for Android is now ready for download. Stay connected to important updates about your vehicles even when you are on the go! We have made the new trackMe Fleet app better than ever with its new exciting functions. Let's discuss the details!

Now Available on Android

To download, just search trackMe Fleet on Google Play Store and start tracking and managing your fleet 24/7 wherever you go. Click here to download.

New Features

Now with a better user interface, The all-new trackMe Fleet App has been designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved functionality. Here are its new features:

Vehicle Statistics. You can now easily see the total number of your vehicles with their current statuses. Vehicles are now grouped as Active, Delayed, Not Reporting, and Under Repair.

Historical Feature. This function from the web version is now also available in the app! Review the travel history of your vehicle in a simple and organized interface.

Recent Searches. Search no more! The mobile app now saves your recent searches so you can find that specific vehicle without hassle.

Speed Graph. Just click the play button and you can now watch the travel history of your vehicle like a mini movie! Click the right arrow to make it faster and left arrow to do playback slower.

Simple, Short and Accurate Google Location. The mobile app now utilizes an improved location tagging that you can easily identify.

Grouping. Just like in the web version, grouping of your vehicles will now be reflected in the mobile app.

List of Vehicles. You can now view the list of vehicles under a specific category (Active, Delayed, Not Reporting, Under Repair).


Don't worry iPhone users. The iOS version of trackMe will still be available for you! We're now working to bring you the iOS version of the new trackMe Fleet app.

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