Engineered to simplify fleet operations
The Next Generation trackMe is a collection of easy-to-use web-based applications that helps you organize and manage your vehicles within a single integrated fleet management system.
NGT is proven to help companies streamline operational processes, eliminate inefficiencies, as well as reduce costs and ensure security compliance.
Almost 2 decades of innovative fleet management solutions
Established in 2000, Webcast Technologies, Inc. has become the leading GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions in the country with its core product - the Next Generation trackMe. As a trusted technology partner, our system is now used by over 200 companies from different industries nationwide. With offices located across the Philippines, wherever you are, we're here to help.
Customizable and Integration-Ready
Fleet Management System
Next Generation trackMe offers a flexible, easy-to-use solution that can be customized based on the unique requirements of your business. Because we're not just your regular solutions provider, we're your technology partner.
Why choose us?

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