Optimize Delivery Operations, Timely and Hassle-free

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TMEX or trackMe Express is a mobile tracking application developed to optimize existing trackMe Fleet Platform. This mobile app enables any smartphone to serve as GPS device. tmEx is designed to reduce cost without compromising the efficiency of the business.

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5. No Ads

1.Send Interval Reports

2. 24 hrs. Location

    Back Up

3. Dynamic Interface

4. Automatic App 


No Ads is uploaded in the mobile app.

Send interval

report based on configuration

to Webcast

Server via API.

Ability to track your device even when it is out of coverage or absence of internet connection.

If the app interfaced is closed, tmEx App will remain Active mode in Background.

If the phone shuts down and turns

on, tmEX will automatically be reinitialized and resume in sending data intervals.