Find out  how trackMe Fleet provide transformative change to different industries.

Transportation and Logistics

Metro Manila's Transportation & Logistics is becoming the country's top main concern. New players in the industry are now adopting visibility technology to step up the game and promotes business efficiency. NGT trackMe fleet provides beyond GPS; it's a solution which supports and empower road efficiency, safety and security of all stakeholders.

Smart Trip Routing

Schedule and Monitor all vehicle activities with trackMe Fleet’s Comprehensive route monitoring. It gives you the actual and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) so you’ll be able to track and anticipate any delays.

You’ll be able to observe your driver’s activities and driving behavior during the trip. In addition to that, you may generate reports to serve as your data basis.

trackMe Fleet’s Multiple view features gives you easy access to all the vehicles you want to check on, all at once.

Monitor Driving Behavior with Data in it

Surveil multiple vehicles at a glance

Retail and FMCG

Retail Industry is now profound on how to elevate the way they cater to the expanding market growth, changing consumer trends and rising purchasing power. Given all these, movement of goods should be as fast as the current growing change - GPS Solution is on top of mind. trackMe Fleet can be used for fleet and asset tracking to simplifies field operations across the country.

This solution is open for integration to any existing business solutions so you can sync all your data in place.

Schedule and Monitor all vehicle activities with trackMe Fleet’s Comprehensive route monitoring. It gives you the actual and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) so you’ll be able to track and maximize daily deliveries.  

You can cross match all your actual and planned daily deliveries for proper management.

trackMe Fleet plays well with others

Improve Delivery Performance

Review completed deliveries

Retail and FMCG
Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage Industry always ensure the quality of production and distribution of items. trackMe Fleet helps you stay on schedule, providing alternate routes to prearranged destinations so you arrive at the right time along with your freshest goods. Also, with our advanced technology, you will be able to maintain your perishable products using automated sensors (i.e. Temperature, Fuel, Door, etc..)

Security Investments

As a necessary aspect of your business, your vehicle needs constant protection. trackMe fleet allows you to monitor where your vehicle is at all times and make sure your vehicle stays where it is supposed to be. If you encounter pilferage, vehicle tracking can alert, notify you and take immediate action.

Improved Customer Service

Incorrect information can be a showstopper, especially in relation to comestibles. That’s why having access to accurate information is so crucial in a customer-focused business. By knowing precisely where your vehicle is located and at exactly what time it will arrive at the designated destination, your customers can plan their visits accordingly.

Sanitary Health Compliant

Maintaining a good quality of edible goods is major. The advanced technology of trackMe Fleet can sustain right treatment of perishable good with the help of automated temperature sensors.

Next Generation trackMe is developed by the pioneer and leader in location-based solutions in the country- Webcast Technologies, Inc. (WTI)

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